History of In His Image

The Backstory of In His Image

IN HIS IMAGE, formerly Creative Sunsets, was started in 1999. Visionary, Beverly White was inspired by God to help people prosper by educating, motivating, and inspiring persons on how to walk into Christ's Image. A team who believed in the vision was developed to assist in bringing forth the Vision. Services began in 1999 in Mrs. White’s home with two participants enrolled in the first service - Creative Sunsets (a therapeutic, academic service for 3 – 4 year olds). In 2004, Trinity Christian Educational School was formed and enrolled its first five students and continues today. All other services (Encouraging Words, Lay Aside Every Weight, King Kids, and Kingdom Communications) were facilitated at the local library. As the numbers gradually increased, God laid it on Pastor Sam B. Neely’s of the Welfare Church and the church families’ hearts to allow IN HIS IMAGE to relocate to Welfare Baptist Church located at 2106 Bolt Drive Belton S.C. in 2007 and still remains there.

In His Image