Our Philosophy

IN HIS IMAGE feels that quality education includes not only academic knowledge but character building, spiritual awareness, and social skills. It’s the desire that each participant become all that God has created them to be thus one of the main focuses is to teach them who they are in Christ. Moreover, knowledge unapplied is dead, so HIS IMAGE strives to help participants turn knowledge into Godly wisdom.

IN HIS IMAGE is unique in that it doesn’t duplicate services already provided in the community. Instead it renders services that will enhance the lives of persons who want to live an abundant life but lack the educational tools needed to move forward,. We realize that people learn in all different ways; therefore, we cater to all different learning styles. Additionally, IN HIS IMAGE offers counseling services to persons who struggle with everyday living by equipping them with the necessary tools and the know how to utilize those tools. IN HIS IMAGE understands that people are all different and strives to meet a person where they are and guide them to their God given potential. IN HIS IMAGE provides services for all ages and will continue to expand as the Holy Spirit speaks.